måndag 17 oktober 2011

dear photography.

Dear Photograph,
My grandpa used to talk softly,about this and that, and I would hang off his every word…just like
I do with this memory.

Dear Photograph,
At the time it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram.
I'm still proud of my father.
Eva Willemier Westra

Dear Photograph,
I miss those days of running free and living in the moment.

Dear Photograph,
Please tell Tobby I love him. I’m so sorry I didn’t have the courage to say “goodbye”…
Always in my heart.

Dear Photograph,
Letting go of my mother’s hand the first day of school was always the hardest.

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2 kommentarer:

Maja sa...

Amanda! Hur kan du alltid hitta såhär fina sidor? Älskar den!!

Freja sa...

guuud så fin sida!!