måndag 25 juli 2011

på tok för fint.

"This is a homeless guy who lives on a bridge in Dublin City. Last week his rabbit was grabbed from him and thrown into the river below.. the River Liffey. Which is one of the most horrible rivers in Ireland. The currents are really strong and it’s filthy.. Anyway, as soon as the rabbit hit the water this guy was already hurdling off the bridge and towards the freezing river to save her. After hitting the water and successfully locating her, he proceeding to pump air back into her, making her regain consciousness and basically come back to life. I was talking to him today along with another woman and she asked “Why in the name of God did you jump into the water? Did you not think about it?!” and straight away he replied with “No. I didn’t stop to think. I just jumped. It was an instinct.. I needed to save her.”

3 kommentarer:

victoria sa...

det var det sötaste på länge!!!
vart hittade du det här?

Fellen sa...

Ååh så fint. Kaninen måste vara glad att ha en sådan bra vän.

A sa...

Åh, nu gråter jag!