måndag 2 januari 2012

från scorsese.

"In Raging Bull, I guess the boxing scenes have a lot to do with the action sequences in my mind. All this editing and all this camera movement that I'd been exposed to for the past 25 years or 30 years came into play in those sequences, and Hitchcock had a lot to do with it, there's no doubt, particulary in designing the scene where Sugar Ray Robinson, in the third bout that they have, when La Motta's on the ropes, looks up at him, and Sugar Ray comes in for the kill. And there's a kind of edited sequence of punishment that this character's taking. I based it on, shot by shot, the shower scene if Psycho. And so I designed it correspondingly, in a way. The glove corresponds to a knife. And so, we shot it that way." - Martin Scorsese.

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